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I have had the privilege to receive several massages from Sierra. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate professional, and her skilled massages always help reduce or alleviate my severe back pain, generalized body pain and muscle tightness caused by the decades old progression of spinal arthritis symptoms I have experienced since I was a teenager. Sierra expertly manages to find and cause relief in my tightest muscles, including many with painful knots. Her approach is precise and discerning. Rather than just painfully digging in, Sierra skillfully massages with a technique which goes from superficial to deep into a muscle and minimizes the pain and discomfort I feel. Even with the tightness and limited range of motion of my limbs and spine, Sierra frequently finds a skillful way to stretch the tight muscles and create an increase in movement where there seems to be no movement to gain. I heartily recommend Sierra Michalkow, Lmt to anyone seeking the best care massage therapy can offer.

Fabian Fernandez, LMT

New York, NY

When I was invited to my first appointment with Sierra, experiencing for years lower back soreness and pain, I expected the relaxing but pretty run-of-the-mill Swedish massage I had gotten at spas and when I was lucky on vacation; instead I was arrested and utterly stunned to realize Sierra had cultivated a much more expansive knowledge of Thai, Chinese and other lesser known techniques and practices I had never heard of let alone experienced, which culminated to more of a starting point in my body's journey than just an hour of relaxing tension. But more than her deep understanding of a variety of massage thought and practice which yielded for me a relief lasting weeks, Sierra is more rarely attuned to the spiritual with a sensitivity to soul, the taproot of her practice and heart.

Dylan Cecchini

New York, NY

Sierra´s skills helped me tremendously with my TMJ Syndrome. In a matter of minutes, years of jaw misalignment basically disapeared  -  I'm very glad to have her as my practitioner.

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez

New York, NY

In my 3 years working at PCOM NY I've had the pleasure of being treated by many students in the massage therapy program. Of all those students Sierra was the best at her craft in my opinion. I felt so rejuvenated after she gave me a massage. Her treatment had my body feeling great for days. Her massage technique was very consistent & her communication was just right. I hope that I can receive another massage from her soon! 

Reginald Sabio, Information Technology Manager, Pacfic College of Oriental Medicine

New York, NY

Always honest, always dependable, always hard working; Sierra goes above and beyond what most therapist's are willing to. She is extremely knowledgeable in, not only a multitude of modalities, but also the human body, as a whole. Sierra checks in with me a day or so later to see how I'm doing, after each session with her. She's sweet, kind, and a downright great therapist, as well as human being! I highly recommend her.

Sarah Garrity

New York, NY

From the moment Sierra set her hands on me I knew I was in line for serious, deep healing.  Somehow she seems to be able to hone into things I didn’t even know hurt.  With intention and grace, every movement just made me melt on the table.  I often have found it a challenge to stand up again and walk after coming out from a place of such immense relaxation.  Love and knowledge pour from her hands.

Matthew Calise

New York, NY

Sierra is an astute therapist with deep knowledge of the human body. I've been to her studio with a friend whom Sierra helped recover from a painful back injury due to a strained muscle. Sierra was able to properly assess the root cause of the pain and work on his body to alleviate it. Thank you Sierra for taking such good care of my friend!

Bogdan Gologan

New York, NY

I'm an athlete with a pretty jacked up back. She really took her time to figure out a way into very tense areas that I've put through a lot of punishment. Definitely a good experience! I recommend her!

Jeremy Sadkin

New York, NY

Sierra pours herself completely into her work. She is passionate about complimentary alternative healthcare, especially through the lens of Chinese Medicine and Essential oils. Not only is she passionate, she's also intuitive, physically strong and intelligent. When you book a session with her, expect a thorough, results driven treatment from the heart.

Lauren Hauser

New York, NY

One day I felt confused and down; Sierra used her knowledge of essential oils to create a special blend for me. I was surprised by how much they helped me to become confident and centered.

Joshua Melendez

New York, NY

This letter is to express my deepest satisfaction of the massage Treatments I've received and will continue to receive from Sierra Michalkow.


I work at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the college in which

Sierra attended. 

I work as Faculties Manager for the college. I work day in and day out with all the students at the college, and I am fortunate to be able to receive treatments from the students time to time. 


I see them come into the college as blank canvases. 

And when they graduate they are the future healers of tomorrow. 

As is Sierra. 


One day I was limping and hurting beyond words can explain. Sierra saw this and came up to me and asked what was wrong. When I explained to her what the problem was, without any hesitation she suggested that I come to one of the massage labs so she can work on me. This meant she had to postpone the session she originally had with one of the other students so she can work on me . This shows the compassion and the devotion she has to her chosen profession. 


After the treatment in the lab she had informed me that she will be working out of the pcom clinic, and suggested that I make an appointment with her to be treated. So every week I made the appointment and every week she treated me and worked on the problem I was having with my leg and back. Being new at the time to getting massages, I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical in believing that it would work or make me feel 100% better, but after receiving treatment's from Sierra, all my doubts were removed.


As soon as you walk into the room she sits with you and talks with you. She makes you feel comfortable and safe, and you feel the compassion and the dedication coming from her. You don't feel like a number or like a patient. Then, once she determine's what is bothering you, she starts the treatment - and I have to say - from the moment you start getting worked on from her to the last minute of the treatment it is an unbelievable feeling. After a few treatment's with her, I was back to my old self and working 14hr days again. 


She is a true professional and is amazing at what she does. 


But beside's the treatment, she also educated me on ways to prevent myself from hurting myself in the future. She outlined a list of exercises I should do to assure that my body is as loose and relaxed as possible. She also informed me that mediation would benefit me in a big way. Mediating everyday removes the stress from my life, therefore making my body as relaxed as it possibly can be. 


My life has changed drastically for the better. I am no longer in pain and am able to work long hours at a time without any discomfort.


I do my excerssises everyday to assure I don't cramp up and to assure I am as relaxed as I can possibly be. And I do my mediation everyday as well to avoid any stress that might hurt me at any given time. And I credit this all to the treatments that I've received and will continue to receive from Sierra. She is truly one of the brightest future healers of tomorrow. 


If you have the chance to receive treatment form Sierra

Or at least stop in for a consultation I strongly recommend it. 

It will change your life for the better. 

Joseph Paris, Faculties Manager, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

New York, NY

Sierra's massage is given with concentration and focus.  All her movements are compassionate, and they demonstrate her desire to heal the patient.  I walk out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relieved of much pain. I can't recommend her enough!

Lauren Faleck

New York, NY


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Sierra Michalkow LMT Massage Therapy NYC
Sierra Michalkow LMT Massage Therapy NYC Volunteering for Tunnel to Tower Race
Sierra Michalkow, LMT NYC Massage Therapy
Sierra Michalkow LMT Massage Therapy NYC
Sierra Michalkow, LMT NYC Massage Therapy, Volunteering at the Tunnel to Tower Race
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